Friday, October 7, 2016

Sugar is sweet and so are you!

An adventure in sugar artistry is not always easy to navigate. I guess if it was everyone would do it. Right? I sometimes find it difficult to stay creatively focus on the NOW with pending projects, displays to make, classes to promote, techniques to create, test out and  prefect, and the never ending dreaded paperwork of the business end of things. Ugh! It's more fun to be  thinking about the future sugary fun that's in store for you through me than sometimes the tasks at hand. The great thing about sugar it melts and so do I each days end, so I can start afresh everyday!  Will you share some of your sweetest inspirations?

Special Introductory SASI Cake Club Tutorials: MINI JACKS Project
Get this fun SASI Cake Club's pdf tutorial for only $1.00!!! Regular price $24.99 Promo code: JACKSPATCH Once purchased download the project to your laptop, home computer or tablet. Smart Phones won't give you the option of using the promo code when checking out or opening the pdf file. Now make some BOO-tiful Mini Jacks! Ha, ha!
Each month we (Sugar Angels Sweet Innovations) continue to do SASI Cake Club projects.  Here are some of the projects we did in 2016! Now are you sad that you didn't get to do these too? It's never too late. You can pick and purchase your favorite project, receive detailed instructions of how to complete any or all of these projects at home. Come join in on the fun!

Turn around twice and the holidays will be here!
Up Coming SPECIALTY Classes:
I have two great fun and festive classes coming up in December to finish out the year. I tell you this now because these class fill up fast! One easy lesson, two dates with two different locations Kenosha & Racine WI.

The first of two is our  WINTRY COOKIE Class which features the delightful 'snow globe' cookies with wintry scenes. So let your imagination go. What would your snow globe cookie depict?    Can hardly wait to see!

The second is our own cheery  FESTIVE BARREL CAKE Class!  After this one easy lesson your cake(s) will be the hit of all your holiday parties!  The old fashion candy sticks are included in the tuition. get in the latest and hottest products out there in sugar world! Like all the Russian Tips, Easiest Rose Ever Cutter, Sphere Ball Tip Set, Vintage Cake Pans, and SASI Cake Club tutorial memberships too. If you don't see it at, let us know. We'll find it for you at no extra charge!  COMING SOON: Dawn Parrott Designs ULTRA FINE ROYAL ICING!  So smooth it can go through a Tip 00 without straining! Sweet!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day $ALE & NEW LOOK!

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THE HOME MAT Fondant Application System 

  • Food-safe vinyl fondant mat
  • Both mats measure 22 X 22"
  • Will cover up to a 12" cake
  • Guide marks added for your convenience
  • Made in USA, Patent Pending
Here are what one of our customers had to say, "I have had my mat for over a year. I use it all the time! It's awesome! If you're not using this system with fondant your wasting time & money. If you're hesitating ordering one, DON'T. It will be one of your favorite decorating tools."

THE 15" x 15 " MINI MAT Fondant Application System is perfect for smaller jobs. 


We got a makeover! NEW Look, New Website! Same Great Company!!!  

Hi friends! Have you ever visited a salon and gotten a makeover? It feels great!!! Who doesn't love something fresh and new?  Our site has the same commitment to superb cake decorating supplies and instruction with easier navigation & check out. 

Please note that if you had an account on our old system you will need to create a new account on this system.

Many of you have enjoyed as always been a great source for FREE Cake Pan Instructions! With the new site you still can enjoy this feature with a great twist. Now you can search on our site's search box to find the instructions you're searching for by name or number.  Add as many FREE instruction downloads as you need to your shopping cart in one transaction!  Once you're finished shopping the rest of our fun site, proceed to check out! Once it's  completed click on the blue download words in your emailed receipt message and follow the prompts from there.   Keep in mind: If you need us to send a printed version we'd be happy to offer this service. Just 'CONTACT US' and we'll send you a $2.50 invoice for each printed instructions.

September we're celebrating our 7th birthday!!! 

Our Sept. 18th project is WAFER PAPER Flowers with a birthday gift! Won't you join our celebration?


Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We're clearing things out!!!! Yes-sir-ee-bob and you can benefit! will be closed Friday, August 1st for maintenance. Once back up all can enjoy a FREE gift from with every $50.00 order till August 5th!!!

All coloring on sale! 
We have brands you know and trust such as Wilton, Americolor, CK, Lucks, KopyKake, ChefMaster, PME and Bakery Crafts. Choose from fantastic gels, pretty powders, concentrated paste and even matte & sheen airbrush colors! Select any size and volume. Take 11% off until 11:59 August 9th!
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This ready-to-use New Zealand chocolate rolled fondant is delicious and a delight to work with. Enjoy the rich flavorful and brown color draping icing.
The sweet "Tootsie Roll" like tasting icing is easy to roll out with a rolling pin, draped over the cake, and smoothed by hand or with fondant smoothers. Fondant always gives a silky, smooth, porcelain-like finish on which to decorate. It is also ideal for molding pieces in push molds, candy molds, silicone lace molds, bead makers, etc. 

The fondant forms a crust, but can still be cut. This product is Kosher. When  the Pettinice Fondant it's gone, it's gone!
~ Sale ends August 15th ~

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


PRE-Order your Gingerbread House Kit 6 piece during the month of July and other Christmas related products receive 15% off your entire order! Limited supply pre-ordered, so when it's gone it's gone for the season. All kits will be available in mid October for delivery or shipment. Just use promo code: HOHOHO to save!


Beautiful contour weaving "French Tufting" will make any cake look elegant and stunning. Join our August 28th class to learn how to do this fab-OH technique!!! Limited seating so reserve your seat today! 





Q: How do I get a really smooth finish on my crusting buttercream icing covered cake?

A: Use plain white Viva Paper Towel.
  • The VIVA paper towel method goes like this: Ice and smooth your cake as much as possible with spatula. After the icing crusts (about 15 – 30 minutes, time will vary, depending on icing recipe, weather and other environmental conditions) take a plain white Viva paper towel (this brand because it’s one of the only paper towels without a bumpy pattern on it) and gently smooth the icing on the cake.
  • Some decorators use a spatula between the toweling and the icing, while some use a fondant smoother, others use a bench scraper, or some use their hands, which is tricky to avoid finger divot marks in the frosting.
A WORD OF CAUTION: Do not use any paper toweling with printed ink. This toweling is not FOOD SAFE. The chemicals used in the inking process is harmful to food and could leach into the icing.

THE MINI MAT Fondant Application System 

is now back in stock! The 15" by 15" two piece mat is perfect for small fondant and gum paste jobs and applications.




Saturday, June 28, 2014

TIPS OF THE TRADE - Summer Fun too!

Slice of Heaven's 

Star Spangled $ALE!
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Tips of the Trade: 


Q: How do you get fondant with no cracks?
A: Most cracking is caused by 5 main reasons.
1. Fondant is too dry. Add shortening or buttercream icing. (see below)
2. Using an unbalanced recipe. When making fondant from scratch blend all ingredients thoroughly. I like using the freshest materials I can.
3. Not kneading it enough to warm it up. To get the best results fondant must be kneaded to a soft and pliable consistency before rolling or sheeting. Microwaving a block for only 15 seconds can help to warm the fondant to allow easier kneading. (Caution: over heating can cause burns to your skin & dry the fondant.)
4. Not quick enough manipulating the fondant and it drys.  Try THE PRO MAT Fondant Application System. Roll your fondant between two food-safe vinyl fondant mat. Visible guide marks allow proper sizing before your apply.
5. The ambient room temperature is too warm causing drying & over stretching?
  • Try kneading in a dollop of some delicious flavorful buttercream icing to restore a more pliable consistency, flavor your fondant and compliment your cake.
  • Try this: If the cracks are along the edges of the cake, rub some white vegetable shortening into the fondant and rub in a circular pattern until smooth. Don’t worry, the shortening will absorb into the fondant.
  • Greasing your work surface with veg. shortening will also moisturize while prevent sticking.

Join SASI Cake Club for monthly "hands on" sugar projects. But the learning doesn't stop there! You can also purchase past projects tutorials too and not miss out on the fun & creativity!  In July we're taking having fun in the sun with 3 fun and easy FAIRY CAKES!!! Angels Cuppies, French Twist, & Floral Texture Toppers! Register to receive instructions!




Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer 2014 is SASI hot!!!

JUNE, JULY & AUGUST are BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE to SASI Cake Club! Send us a message with name & phone number, and we'll sign you and your friend up!  Subject field write "SASI ROCKS!" (1 new friend each month!)

The deal gets ever sweeter! $ave by joining SASI CaKe Club for 3 months or more and we'll waive the $15.00 enrollment fee!!!  

This month we're making STARS & STRIPES cake!
Don't miss out!!! Join in on the fun!