Saturday, June 28, 2014

TIPS OF THE TRADE - Summer Fun too!

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Tips of the Trade: 


Q: How do you get fondant with no cracks?
A: Most cracking is caused by 5 main reasons.
1. Fondant is too dry. Add shortening or buttercream icing. (see below)
2. Using an unbalanced recipe. When making fondant from scratch blend all ingredients thoroughly. I like using the freshest materials I can.
3. Not kneading it enough to warm it up. To get the best results fondant must be kneaded to a soft and pliable consistency before rolling or sheeting. Microwaving a block for only 15 seconds can help to warm the fondant to allow easier kneading. (Caution: over heating can cause burns to your skin & dry the fondant.)
4. Not quick enough manipulating the fondant and it drys.  Try THE PRO MAT Fondant Application System. Roll your fondant between two food-safe vinyl fondant mat. Visible guide marks allow proper sizing before your apply.
5. The ambient room temperature is too warm causing drying & over stretching?
  • Try kneading in a dollop of some delicious flavorful buttercream icing to restore a more pliable consistency, flavor your fondant and compliment your cake.
  • Try this: If the cracks are along the edges of the cake, rub some white vegetable shortening into the fondant and rub in a circular pattern until smooth. Don’t worry, the shortening will absorb into the fondant.
  • Greasing your work surface with veg. shortening will also moisturize while prevent sticking.

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