Friday, October 7, 2016

Sugar is sweet and so are you!

An adventure in sugar artistry is not always easy to navigate. I guess if it was everyone would do it. Right? I sometimes find it difficult to stay creatively focus on the NOW with pending projects, displays to make, classes to promote, techniques to create, test out and  prefect, and the never ending dreaded paperwork of the business end of things. Ugh! It's more fun to be  thinking about the future sugary fun that's in store for you through me than sometimes the tasks at hand. The great thing about sugar it melts and so do I each days end, so I can start afresh everyday!  Will you share some of your sweetest inspirations?

Special Introductory SASI Cake Club Tutorials: MINI JACKS Project
Get this fun SASI Cake Club's pdf tutorial for only $1.00!!! Regular price $24.99 Promo code: JACKSPATCH Once purchased download the project to your laptop, home computer or tablet. Smart Phones won't give you the option of using the promo code when checking out or opening the pdf file. Now make some BOO-tiful Mini Jacks! Ha, ha!
Each month we (Sugar Angels Sweet Innovations) continue to do SASI Cake Club projects.  Here are some of the projects we did in 2016! Now are you sad that you didn't get to do these too? It's never too late. You can pick and purchase your favorite project, receive detailed instructions of how to complete any or all of these projects at home. Come join in on the fun!

Turn around twice and the holidays will be here!
Up Coming SPECIALTY Classes:
I have two great fun and festive classes coming up in December to finish out the year. I tell you this now because these class fill up fast! One easy lesson, two dates with two different locations Kenosha & Racine WI.

The first of two is our  WINTRY COOKIE Class which features the delightful 'snow globe' cookies with wintry scenes. So let your imagination go. What would your snow globe cookie depict?    Can hardly wait to see!

The second is our own cheery  FESTIVE BARREL CAKE Class!  After this one easy lesson your cake(s) will be the hit of all your holiday parties!  The old fashion candy sticks are included in the tuition. get in the latest and hottest products out there in sugar world! Like all the Russian Tips, Easiest Rose Ever Cutter, Sphere Ball Tip Set, Vintage Cake Pans, and SASI Cake Club tutorial memberships too. If you don't see it at, let us know. We'll find it for you at no extra charge!  COMING SOON: Dawn Parrott Designs ULTRA FINE ROYAL ICING!  So smooth it can go through a Tip 00 without straining! Sweet!